GF Dining at The Bar in Oshkosh


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Last Sunday we decided to stop by The Bar in Oshkosh to check out their gluten-free menu. (see page 7 of their full menu to find their GF options) Peg had heard about it from one of her co-workers.

Since they don't explain much on their website, I had several questions. Their GF menu talks about french fries, this concerned me. In most places deep fryers are also used to fry breaded/floured items. This process will contaminate any gluten-free food that is placed in the deep fryer. I was also curious about the knowledge level of the staff.

We walked in and grabbed a table. The waitress came over and dropped off menus. I looked at it and didn't see the GF menu, so I asked her for one. She said "Oh sure, I'll be right back!". Already this is a good sign. Sometimes the wait staff doesn't have a clue when you ask for such things.

I decided to look over the menu, then ask my usual batch of questions. Upon perusal, I noticed in the lower right corner of the menu, some text. That text explained they have dedicated friers for their fries and fresh chips. It also explain that their meats can be cooked on the char-broil grill where gluten items are not placed. Being able to get fries outside of my own home is a real treat!

"Wow, these guys get it!" I said to Peg.

The GF selections are not numerous, but it covers just about all items in the bar-food food group. Burgers, fries, pizza, Booyah, wings - what more could you want? Yes, they also serve Red Bridge!

Our server said "It will take just a bit longer for your food because the kitchen has to get things cleaned up first". Cool!

I had the burger with GF bun and fries. It was good! The bun pretty good as GF buns go. It was soft, pliable - but had typical GF bread "chew" factor.

We when waitress came back with the check, I asked a few more questions...

Q - How long have you had a GF menu?
A - About 6 months.

Q - Are you getting a lot of GF diners?
A - Yes, as the word gets out, we are seeing more and more.

Q - Did you have to have some type of training on handling the GF orders?
A - Yes, we all had to come in for special training.

Q - Do you know why there's a GF menu?
A - One of the owner's sister has celiac disease.
*We've found, in most cases there's a family or friend that has celiac disease.

Overall, I was happy with the service and quality of the food. Peg had the wings. I'm not sure if the wings from the non-GF menu are the same as the GF wings. That's one question I didn't ask! We will be going back. I don't know if I want to try the 'za or the Booyah...

The Bar has
6 locations around the state!