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The kind folks at Jules Gluten-Free sent the group a Jules Gluten-Free Bread Mix and a Jules Gluten-Free Cookie Mix.

We use Jules Gluten-Free Flour Mix all the time for a variety baked goods, but this was our first look-see at the bread and cookie mixes.


Since we [when I say we, I mean Peg since she's the one with the baking skills] were short on time, we [Peg] decided to mix up the cookie dough Thursday night and store it in the fridge until Friday night. These cookies require the dough to be chilled before baking anyway.

Peg had one pan in the oven and one pan of dough balls on deck. As I peeked into the oven and saw that the cookies were a good 3+ inches in diameter, I mistakenly asked if the dough balls were the right size.

Yeah, that remark got me "The Look", Hey, my only concern was that we'd have enough cookies for the entire group, that's all.

Peg prompted me to take a look at the large bowl of dough that was waiting to be made into cookies and said not to worry. As in most cases, Peg was right. This mix makes 50-60 cookies! I bow to her baking prowess - I am not worthy...I am not worthy...

*I slunk back to living room to finish prepping for the meeting*

Most of the cookies survived the night and made it to the meeting. Indeed the cookies were a hit! One member exclaimed - "These taste just like Toll House cookies!" Sure'nuff, they do!

If you run out of your own ideas on how to use this cookie mix, Jules sells an eBook with recipes for twelve different cookies.

julesgfcookiesingle        julesgftowercookie

"C is for cookie, that's good enough for me"



Peg was a bit nervous about the bread. The dough was dense, not the texture of most gluten-free breads that she is used to making, as well as not rising very well in the warm oven.

Learning my lesson during the "cookie incident", I decided it best to play the supportive spouse...

This means nodding, actively listening and quietly being "the canvas" in which she can "paint the picture" of her concerns. It does not involve me offering up any suggestions on how to "fix" said problem - something guys are genetically programmed to do.

I may have mentioned that my baking skills and knowledge are limited, but the primal, in-born male instinct to "fix things" often times overrides the fact that males may lack the proper knowledge to offer up any type of useful suggestion...this is how arguments start. :-)

By the time Peg was done "painting the picture", the bread had risen and it was time to bake!

Hmmm, it appears that being the supportive spouse had paid off. Whoohoo!

As you can see by the pictures, the bread turned out well. In fact, my pictures look very similar to those found on Jules' website.

I was surprised at the size and height of this loaf of bread! It did not suffer from shrinkage that I've seen in other gluten-free breads. [My uneducated guess has to do to with the fact that this dough was drier than some of the others, but what do I know?] Any guy will confirm that shrinkage is not a good thing...

Just like the cookies, members liked the bread.

One member suggested this bread would work great for French Toast. Yeah Toast!

Another member said "I really liked it!"

One of our "chronologically enhanced" members specifically requested to take home the heals of the bread. Bless you Don!!

The bread must've been good, because at end of the meeting, there were only 3 slices left for me bring home.


I like that Jules' products are certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (one of several programs offered by the Gluten Intolerance Group of America). Actually, I applaud any company that deems it important enough to certify their products, either through GFCO or CSA.

Where to find

Jules' products are not found locally, but they can be ordered from her website.

If you are lucky enough to live in a handful of states, you can find it locally.

If you are a first time customer, there is a Welcome Pack and an upgraded Welcome Pack. Either one is a good deal. It just depends if you want 1 or 2 bags of flour.

Thanks again Jules Gluten-Free for
sharing your products with our group!

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