Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

I talked earlier about the Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes that would be widely available in June. We have found them at Festival Foods in Fond du Lac & Oshkosh. Woodman's in Appleton also have them. The local Pick n Save did not have them as of a last week.

So far we've tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie mix and the Yellow Cake Mix.

As you can see the cookies turned about quite well. Yes, they do taste as good as they look! Be aware, they do contain an entire stick of butter. The good thing is that these cookies freeze quite well, as to most GF baked goodies.

Peg made the cupcakes for a family gathering we had recently.

The frosting she made is from an old family recipe. It's from her Aunt Elsie's "Funeral Cake" recipe. It's called funeral cake because Elsie would always make it to take for funeral gatherings.

Even the "gluten-eaters" approved of them. They're a bit denser than wheat cupcakes, but tasty none the less!

One thing I've noticed in these two products is the lack of grittiness. Often times rice flour that is not ground fine enough feels gritty in the mouth as you chew it. You'll find that the asian rice flours will have this very fine [almost powdery] grind. It appears that General Mills is using such a fine grind in these products.